Osborne-Whelan Endowed Rugby (Academic) Scholarship

This endowed scholarship was created by former Hastings Rugby Football Club members in memory of UC Hastings College of the Law Professors George Edward Osborne (1893-1977) and John William Whelan (1922-2007). They understood that the sport of rugby creates opportunities to develop superior leadership, skill, good judgment, loyalty, vision, ethics and lifelong friendships. With their encouragement, the Hastings Rugby Football Club (“HRFC”) was formed and sustained for two decades (1973-1993). Over the years, former HRFC members established a strong network of attorneys, rugby players, coaches, mentors, administrators and referees in the San Francisco Bay Area, throughout California and in the United States.

Candidate Qualifications
Candidates need NOT play or have played rugby. All 1L, 2L and 3L men and women students enrolled at Hastings and having a minimum 3.0 GPA may apply.

Candidates must submit their resume and essay in which they demonstrate/discuss:

1. Their development of superior leadership, judgment, loyalty, vision and ethics while developing friendships and working relationships with others in their community.

2. Significant involvement in perpetuating the sport of rugby football. Examples of “significant involvement” may include, but are not limited to:

  • a. Form and/or actively promote, at any time, a rugby football club in California or the United States. Preference is given to reviving and/or promoting a UC Hastings Rugby Football Club.
  • b. Participate as a team member (i.e. team captain, coach, player) of any rugby football club at any level (i.e. elementary school, junior high school, high school, junior college, college or university or law school, post-college) in California or the United States. Preference is given to team members of a UC Hastings Rugby Football Club.
  • c. Serve as a referee for any rugby league or district in California or the United States. Preference is given to rugby referees for a league or district in which UC Hastings Rugby Football Club is a member.
  • d. Mentor under the guidance of an attorney, mediator, arbitrator or negotiator engaged in the practice of negotiating sports/team/player contracts of any kind whatsoever or other law-related activities which directly concern or relate to the sport of rugby, rugby clubs, teams, players, coaches, referees and the like.
  • e. Write articles, stories, manuals, blogs, books (in any format), advertise-ments, photographs, videotapes, music, movies or podcasts about rugby football (historical or present), rugby clubs/teams, team members, referees, sports events and activities including the Rugby World Cup and cause such materials to be published, distributed, disseminated or promoted. Provide copies of one or two of your more successful submissions. Preference is given to materials documenting history of the Hastings Rugby Football Club and former or current team members.
  • f. Assist in the research, design, manufacture, distribution and/or sale of rugby related equipment, clothing, shoes or accessories. Explain how and why you got involved in this work.

To apply, please sign in. Then, complete and submit an application. Upload your resume and essay.

(REV 10/3/2016)